Winter Break Re-Balance

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During the winter break, we will be looking at the results of the first three weeks and determining whether or not teams were placed in the correct divisions by their coordinators.  If a team is absolutely dominating against good competition OR is being dominated by mediocre or poor competition, these teams may be moved up or down a division.  We may or may not notify these teams as well as their coordinators our intent to move them but it may or may not be open to discussion whether or not they are moved.  If we feel it is in the best interests of the league, they will be moved.

We would ask that you submit game scores as soon as possible this weekend so that we have all of the data at our disposal to make these decisions quickly.  Shuffling schedules is a very difficult and time consuming task and we need as much time as possible.  In addition, all game change notifications will be turned OFF during this time.  It is the responsibility of each coach and coordinator to review the schedule when we are finished and we will post a message when that happens.

Here are a few caveats to this process:

  1. Teams in a rec division cannot be moved down and teams in athletic A obviously cannot be moved up although we might change their schedule a bit
  2. We look at strength of schedule if a team is 0-3 but has played the top three teams in their division, we may not move them down and visa versa.  If a team was 3-0 but beat the three worst teams in their division, we may not move them up.
  3. Teams performing well in high-rec will not be moved up to an athletic divisions except in extreme circumstances as it results in a different number of games and additional fee for this team.
  4. Point #3 also applies to teams performing poorly in the lowest athletic division.  They will not be moved down to high-rec except in extreme circumstances.
  5. To move a team up from rec or down from high-rec, we need to swap teams so as not to completely blow-up the schedule so if there is not a team to swap schedules with, a move might not be made.
  6. Point #5 also applies to the athletic divisions, if we need to move a team up from Athletic C for instance, there needs to be a team in Athletic B that needs to moved down.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


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