Score Reporting

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Coaches, league play starts this week. There are several ways for the winning coach to log their game score.

  1. Subscribe to the Score Reporting Reminder notification and receive an email during your game with a link to the report score form.
  2. Login to your Coach Portal and find games that need scores logged in the upper right hand corner of your portal
  3. Login to your Coach Portal and log or edit your game scores from your team schedule
  4. Your coordinator also has the ability to log your game scores if you are having difficulties

Please note that you must have an account with coach level access in order to access a Coach Portal or subscribe to the Score Reporting Reminder notification. Accounts were created for all coaches. Game scores can be edited up to 14 days after your game in case they have been reported incorrectly. If you are the coach of the losing team and the score has not been logged after 3 days, please help us out and log the score yourself. Thanks!


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