Game Day Reminders

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Coordinators, Coaches, and Parents,

Please read the following reminders to help you better prepare for game day:


  1. Please have a gym monitor at your home gym at all times to ensure game day runs smoothly and answer any questions coaches or parents might have
  2. The home team must provide a scoreboard operator
  3. Make sure your gym is open 30 minutes before the first game of the day
  4. You may charge a gate fee but it MUST NOT exceed the agreed upon league max ($7-family, $3-adult, $1-student).  Family = immediate family parents, children, it does not include cousins, friends, etc 
  5. Make sure that a roster for each of your teams is available on the web site


  1. Please familiarize yourself with the Rules that govern the division your team is playing in
  2. Make sure you are familiar and your parents and players are familiar with the Codes of Conduct
  3. Work with your coordinator to make sure each parent has filled out an on-line Liability Waiver
  4. Please pay referee(s) before each game.  There is a single referee for 2nd grade games that is paid $14 by EACH team and two referees for all other games.  Each team pays one of the referees $25 for 3rd-12th games.
  5. The WINNING coach is responsible for reporting the game score within 48 hours of the game being completed.  You can do this from your Coach Portal, from a new menu option under Portals->Coach or you can edit your coach account and subscribe to a score reporting notification which will email you a linke to the score reporting page during your game.  Scores are NOT reported for 2nd grade games.
  6. Treat referees, players, and parents with respect.  We take our codes of conduct very seriously.


  1. Cheer on your kids!  There is almost a 100% chance that your son or daughter will not play in the NBA or WNBA.  Help make youth basketball a positive experience for them.
  2. Be prepared to pay a gate fee as discussed in the coach section.  Not all organizations charge the fee but you should not be suprised if they do.  NEW ... we have polled our organizations and asked them if the plan on charging a gate fee.  When you click on a gym from your schedule for directions, you can go to the info page (or find the gym from our Organizations-<Gym menu) and it will tell you if the organization plans on charging admission.  The max fee is $7-family, $3-aduit, $1-student.  The organization may charge less if they want, but not more.
  3. Please read our Parent Code of Conduct and conduct yourself in a manner that would make your child proud.


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